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Student Assistance Programs & Training Services

Program Features for University / College Students


Mental Health Student Assistance Program

Mental Health 24 hours / 365 days / live confidential response for crisis intervention, intake and assessment, appointment scheduling, and other student assistance

One number for all calls / all hours. [Toll free - custom number provided] 

 Up to six [6] therapy sessions per student per problem per year.  

Student can choose sessions from these resources; [a] telephone; [b] internet chat [LiveConnect] through our website; [c] mobile app [iConnectYou]; or [d] face-to-face sessions. All counseling is provided by experienced clinicians in the state in which they practice.

Solution focused / brief therapy counseling, for many issues, including, but not limited to: 

  • Stress - school and / or personal 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression [minor] 
  • Conflict
  • Substance abuse / misuse 

 Student Advocate: SAP / TS person for needs with the assistance program and coordination with other care organizations.  

Virtual [telephonic] Group Counseling. Students who present with similar counseling issues meet in groups of 4 to 8, led by a clinician. Eight [8] weekly, 90 minute sessions. 

Mindfulness Stress Reduction. Alternate modality to assist students with stress, pain, focus and concentration. Clinically led, one-on-one telephone sessions for six [6] weeks.

Life Coaching. Student and experienced Life Coach work on personal reflection and goal-setting in many aspects of the student's life. Up-to-six [6] sessions, plus email follow-up and encouragement. 


Unlimited service for students. 24 hours / 365 days / live confidential access. Students have service options of [a] telephone; [b] internet chat; [c] mobile app [iConnectYou]. 

Website medical content provided by Mayo Clinic. 

Wellness Webinars: 

  • Monthly subjects with a 30 month, renewing inventory of webinars archived on the SAP / TS Personal Care website for unlimited viewing. 
  • Webinars range across lifestyle, emotional health, physical health and many other important topics. 

Consultation, resource and referrals for many issues, including, but not limited to: 

  • Education 
  • Wellness
  • Self-organization 
  • Career / employment 

Customized website offering articles, tip sheets, interactive self-assessments, personal plans, audio / video files and resources in English and Spanish. 

Online access to our Savings Center with discounts on hundreds of name brand items. 

Legal, Financial and ID Theft Recovery, for many issues, including, but not limited to:

  • College fund planning 
  • Estate planning / wills / trusts 
  • Landlord / tenant issues 
  • Small claims

Legal services include 30 minute free appointment with a local attorney [telephone or in-person] and 25% discount on attorney fees.