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Student Assistance Programs & Training Services


 La Frontera EMPACT SPC [Suicide Prevention Center] of Tempe is a leading national provider of support and information services about suicide; an overview of their services is attached.  We have commissioned a 90-minute on-site presentation from EMPACT SPC for use by our clients.  The EMPACT presentation is an excellent tool to educate HR staff and student advisors on how to deal proactively with the threat of suicide.  A trained EMPACT presenter provides the course to groups of 30 [limited for interactive exchange], which includes extensive materials for attendee follow-up. 

SAP / TS is proud that these fine student - centered schools have selected our Program:

  • Arizona State University 
  • Edge High School 
  • Pima Community College
  • Texans Can Academies 
  • University of Arizona