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Student Assistance Programs & Training Services

Mental Health for High / Middle School Students



24 hours / 365 days / live confidential response for crisis intervention, intake and assessment, appointment scheduling, and other student assistance

One number for all calls / all hours. [Toll free - custom number provided]

Up to six [6] therapy sessions per student per problem per year.  

Student can choose sessions from these resources; [a] telephone; [b] internet chat [LiveConnect] through our website; [c] mobile app [iConnectYou]; or [d] face-to-face sessions. All counseling is provided by experienced clinicians in the state in which they practice.

A parent or legal guardian can contact the Program for services on behalf of a minor-age student. A minor-age student can contact the Program, however services will be limited to confirmation of safety [police or Child Protective Services will be involved in student complaints of imminent or past harm]. Minor-age students cannot receive telephone assessments for non-threatening issues, nor be referred to counseling without written parental / guardian approval.  

Solution focused / brief therapy counseling, for many issues, including, but not limited to: 

  • Stress - school and / or personal 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression [minor] 
  • Conflict
  • Substance abuse / misuse 

Student Advocate: SAP / TS person for needs with the assistance program and coordination with other care organizations. 


Unlimited service for students. 24 hours / 365 days / live confidential access. Students have service options of [a] telephone; [b] internet chat; [c] mobile app [iConnectYou]. 

Website medical content provided by Mayo Clinic. 

Wellness Webinars: 

  • Monthly subjects with a 30 month, renewing inventory of webinars archived on the SAP / TS Personal Care website for unlimited viewing. 
  • Webinar range across lifestyle, emotional health, physical health and many other important topics. 

Consultation, resource and referrals for many issues, including, but not limited to: 

  • Education 
  • Welness
  • Self-organization 
  • Career / employment 

Customized website offering articles, tip sheets, interactive self-assessments, personal plans, audio / video files and resources in English and Spanish. 

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